Fengh is a fast-growing and high-aiming medtech enterprise with comprehensive and integrated business functions in Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Product Lifecycle Management, and is committed to developing, manufacturing, marketing innovative products in the Minimally Invasive Surgery community worldwide and to reshaping it.


From London to Shanghai, from Amsterdam to Cape Town, from Tijuana to Buenos Aires, we have met plenty of patients with limited disposable income and healthcare authorities with very constrained budget. Fengh understands how important it is to provide patients with products that are not overpriced. With such understanding, Fengh has never stopped searching better solutions to keep quality, innovation and price well-balanced in its products. Today, millions of patients worldwide are benefiting from Fengh’s products, which they are happy with and we are proud of.


Zero compromise on quality, continued investment in innovation and unwavering commitment to improving patient care are our credos that keep growing Fengh.  


Let us grow together with a growing Fengh.


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Lunar™ F Powered Staplers
the 1st surgical stapler in the industry with recommended and standardized 15 seconds pre-compression
MSD Manual Staplers
more compact design featuring shorter trigger-handle distance and more friendly to surgeons with smaller hands
Flagship Trocars
more ergonomic design and complete functions
Fengh Academy of Minimally Invasive Surgery