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Started with its first stapler used in China in 2013, Fengh has since then been witnessed a rapid growth, not only in sales in a continuously increasing number of countries on every continent, but also in such new value-added endeavors as technical innovation and procedure development.Fengh has consistently invested a double-digit percentage of its annual revenue in technical innovations over the past 6 years. Now with a couple of dozen patents granted and more than 200 innovations filed, Fengh has successfully emerged as a leading innovation-driven enterprise in China, committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing products for minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery proocedures.

Rooted in China, the biggest developing economy with a significantly large portion of its population aging and/or in poverty, Fengh understands how important it is to offer healthcare professionals and ultimately patients, the products and solutions well balanced with good quality and more affordable price. To that end, Fengh has been taking tremendous effort to consolidate its supply chain in different countries, streamline its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and enhance its quality management systems in Wu Xi, Su Zhou and Shanghai, the most advanced areas in China.

Fengh Medical safeguards a level playing field in the surgical stapling landscape while forcefully competing on merits. Our focus on quality, continued investment in innovation and commitment on improving patient care are the core values of our organization. This mission statement allows us to grow in an extremely concentrated market.Today, tens of thousands of healthcare professionals and patients around the world are benefiting from Fengh’s products, which they are happy with and are proud of. Focus on quality, invest in innovations and care about patients! With Fengh, we grow together.

High tech innovative enterprise focusing on minimally invasive surgical instruments and consumables

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Complicated surgery terminator
The value of enterprise existence is not only for making money, but also as a carrier of seeking human welfare! Another expression of mission is the meaning and responsibility of work. Mission statement needs to express responsibility to shareholders, employees, customers and society.
Quality Management
Adhering to the highest quality standards to ensure excellent product quality
Enterprise standard
Implement the international enterprise standard and establish the advantages of Fengh, efficiency and flexibility
Technological innovation
Continuous technological innovation to promote the progress of minimally invasive technology
Production mode
Give priority to environmental protection and automatic production mode
Talent management
Widely absorb talents and build a crystal team
Industry leading
Strive to be the market leader and lead the development direction of the industry
Strive to be a respected enterprise
What are the basic principles that entrepreneurs believe in? Core values answer our principle of doing things, and are the fundamental guiding method to resolve differences on the basis of system norms.
Core values Ⅰ

Honest and responsible Cooperative and competitive

Core values Ⅱ

Efficient and aggressive Aspiring and remarkable

Honest and responsible
Fengh's staff adhere to the concept of sincerity in the heart and trust in the outside and the unswerving belief, take the initiative to take responsibility for colleagues, stick to the commitment to partners, and firmly believe that mutual trust can last for a long time.
Cooperative and competitive
There is only a perfect team, there is no perfect individual. Fengh's staff support each other and praise each other, and constantly launch a benign competition to catch up with performance, do everything possible for customers, colorful self exhibition.
Efficient and aggressive
Fengh's staff should take a winner's attitude, take on a greater mission to achieve a higher goal, and show their work efficiency and strong enterprising spirit superior to their competitors.
Aspiring and remarkable
As a proud style and person, we need to keep forging ahead in the four aspects of mental mode, business mode, management mode and capital mode, unify our thoughts, forge ahead on the ground and forge ahead, and become the benchmark of the industry and the leader of social responsibility.

Focus on the minimally invasive field, leading the trend of surgical operation trough technical innovation and excellent quality to make surgery more simpler and safer, and to reshape health.

GMP, Korea
ANVISA, Brazil

Awarded Jiangyin City Innovation Enterprise Prize /
Awarded 2019 Jiangyin City “The 100 Best Enterprise”Prize


Granted Wuxi City Advanced Science and Technology Progress Prize/
Intellectual Property Management System certified/
Fengh Medical Endoscopic Powered Stapler series obtained CE mark


Listed on the stock market (Chinese new Sanban market/
Awarded the Jiangyin City Science and Technology Progress Prize


Shanghai Branch and Suzhou R&D center were founded/
Awarded the Jiangyin City Science and Technology Progress Prize/
Organizational reform as a Limited Liability Company accomplished


Awarded the Jiangyin City Science and Technology Progress Prize


Granted Hi-Tech enterprises. Two products were certified Hi-tech products


CE and ISO13485 quality Quality Management System certified/
GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified/
Medical Device Registration Certificates for 12 products were obtained. Manufacturing and Sales officially started/
Granted Non-governmental scientific and technological enterprise