FAMIS GET Asia Bariatric Chapter Started from Malaysia with Dr. Almino Ramos
RELEASE TIME:2019-10-22 17:18:38


Dr. Almino C.Ramos and DATO Dr.Tikfu Gee


Dr.Almino C.Ramos:  

What do we have special about obesity bariatric and metabolic surgery here in your country?

DATO Dr.Tkifu Gee:  

I think Malaysia is especially relevant. Obesity and over weight incidence is actually about 46%, which is one of the largest in Asia. Sometimes bariatric surgery is a successful method to save a lot of patients from really really in need of help. Bariatric surgery is definitely something that is going to grow as diabetes increasing and the pandemic of obesity in this country.

Directed by Dr.Almino Ramos, co-directed by Dr.Tikfu Gee, the highest level Masterclass of  Bariatric Surgery was successfully held on October 18 @Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the biggest general hospital in Malaysia.

About 30 senior bariatric surgeons from Malaysian Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Society (MYMBS) participated in this program. Fengh Medical was honored to be the exclusive sponsor for this Masterclass. This Masterclass unveiled the Bariatric Surgery Educational Program in Fengh GET Asia Chapter.

 MALAYSIA : "Champion of Overweight in ASEAN" 

If we are looking into the press release, SMOKING is the first problem and OBESITY is the second.  Malaysia has the highest obesity and overweight prevalence  (13.3% and 38.5%, respectively), according to the latest estimates by the WHO, which are increasing every year. 


source:Tackling obesity in ASEAN, The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2017

"Obesity is really a problem and the reality is changing in a worse direction in Malaysia," Dr.Almino said.


Obesity in Malaysia is for far well treated

In general, no country is treating obesity as the ideal treatment we should provide. Even that, among these countries, Malaysia is for far investing in obesity treatment, in terms of the percentage of patients who can receive surgery and in terms of education on raising the awareness of obesity as a disease.

   Lecture Session   



"Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery: 

Past, Present and Future"

Dr.Almino shared his 20-year experience in understanding obesity as a disease: What is obesity, how to properly define obesity. What is the role of bariatric surgery in treating obesity, and all aspects of clinical practices.

Interesting topics guided us from the very basic definition of obesity to a comprehensive picture of understanding;  from an overview of the 65 years of history in Bariatric surgery to the clinical guideline for several important technique aspects. 

Dr.Almino Ramos  Ex-President of IFSO President of IFSO LA  201912031720161575364816399308.jpg