MSD Manual Staplers
Features & Benefits


1)      compact design featuring shorter trigger-handle distance ( ≈ 1 CM shorter at the proximal end of handle and ≈ 1.5 CM shorter at the distal end)

2a)    integrated anvil with cold extrusion-heading technology

2b)    tissue bunching cordon (yellow line) and blade seating alignment (red line)

3)      advanced jaw design with “王" shape (triple slide rail & slide block) occlusion structure, vs. “工" shape of Endo GIA 

4)      stepless jaw-articulating lever 

5)      max. 55° articulation one each side of articulation joint

6)      detachable arched tip (optional)  


1)      more friendly to surgeons with smaller hands and easier for them to fire

2a)    offering 30-40% higher strength vs. Endo GIA when compressing tissue before firing (pre-compression)

2b)    ensuring operation compliance to eliminate maloperation

3)      maintaining a uniform compression from the proximal end of jaw to the distal end during entire firing (dual compression)

4)      articulating jaw any angle in the -55° ∽ 55° articulation range

5)      facilitating jaw placement in narrow space like lower rectum

6)      makeing tissue incision and penetration easier 

MSD Manual Staplers are compatible with Fengh's existing reload portfolio. 

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Nomenclature & Specification

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